Internet Marketing Services or the Simple Way to Establish a Powerful Online Identity

Potential customers spend most of their time nowadays on the internet, so this makes internet marketing services for modern businesses indispensable. Internet marketing is a fast-growing area and it is also a cheap and reliable method of targeting audiences without making big investments. The survival of a business is in direct connection with the marketing strategies and tools one uses to promote his products and services, to establish a popular online presence and to send out his message in a timely manner.

With quality internet marketing services, you have literally endless possibilities of promoting your services, not to mention that you can customize these options to work for your personal business. To this purpose, you need to resort to quality internet marketing services and hire professionals to implement all the below aspects into your marketing strategy:

• Social media marketing – one of the most powerful tools of targeting audiences in a cheap and effective way. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace allow business owners to advertise their products in a very efficient manner.

• Email marketing – Sending advertisements and promotional messages to clients in order to maintain constant communication.

• Web analytics

• Link Building – Driving more traffic to your pages by having quality links generated from popular and trustworthy sources.

• E-commerce

• Article marketing and directory submission

These are only a few services that can increase your chances of success by creating efficient advertising approaches. A lot of people are trustful that an online identity can be established in a simple and cheap manner, but only professional internet marketing services can produce good results for your target audience. Especially in this fierce competition between service providers, a lot of importance is given to the professional image you establish on the internet.

Professionals that provide internet marketing services are able to analyze your professional goals, your financial resources and understand what type of products and services you provide and who are they addressed to, so that the marketing campaign they design fits your needs and goals perfectly. A good plan, wise strategies and a lot of tools and resources are needed to design an efficient campaign and to get your money’s worth, so only professionals are able to see every angle of this project and provide reliable solutions.

What should you expect from resorting to quality internet marketing services? Not only will you be able to see results in a short while, but your business will benefit from these services in numerous ways:

• Establishing a powerful web presence

• Sending out promotional messages to potential clients and establish direct interaction with them by means of email marketing and social bookmarking

• Increased brand awareness and profits

• Increased traffic on your website pages

• Analyze customer responses and enjoy immediate results

• Building business-to-business or business-to-client relationships.

Professional Speakers and Targeted Marketing

Do you believe you have what it takes to become a successful professional speaker? Have you advertised for a speaking event with little or no success in attracting a paying audience? Have advertisers promised you they would increase your business, and then you found the results of the advertising will be tied directly to the amount of money you are willing to spend upfront? Do you believe name recognition as a speaker comes with your success, and your success as a speaker comes with name recognition, creating a catch 22?

Most speakers have limited resources for their marketing so getting the most out of what you spend is important. The best professional speakers spend their time and money on list development and on targeted marketing. Let’s focus on targeted marketing. How do you locate a targeted market? It is not as complicated as it might seem if you take the time to think it through logically. For instance, would you spend your advertising dollars on a radio ad during a football game if you were speaking about women’s health? Probably not.

Radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and journals, direct mail, and telemarketing, all have the potential to reach thousands of people. However, these forms of advertising must be repeated several times to embed name recognition. In addition, these methods are expensive and slow. On the other hand, there are times when used right they can have a reasonable rate of return on your investment. Be sure to consider who will see or hear these ads and determine if you are targeting the audience you intend.

Targeted marketing also focuses on ‘picking the fruit on the lower branches’; reaping the rewards of the nearest, easiest market to tap. You may have a presentation you think everyone would want to see or hear. Yet, some may want to hear or see it more than others. Your target audience may have similar problems, wants, or needs. They may belong to a particular group, association or industry. They may live in a particular town or share similar demographics. They may all use a particular product or technique. They may work using similar job skill sets. For example, if financial planning is your speaking arena, you may find speaking about financial independence may be interesting to most people, but more so to a targeted market of people worried about developing their financial security. And the less financial security they have, the more they may want and need to hear what you have to say. Nevertheless, even after uncovering your target audiences perceived needs, you must still uncover whether they are willing and able to pay to hear your presentation and buy your products and services.

Marketing is complex and should not be left to guesswork. Testing to determine if you are reaching your targeted market can be systematically achieved. Testing your marketing campaign means measuring results, while changing one aspect of your marketing champagne, will show you what and who to focus on. The best professional speakers either know how to do this or pay someone else to do it for them.

The Internet and social networking offer those who want to do it for themselves an inexpensive method for targeted marketing. Additionally, the Internet also provides several easy ways to measure for results. Measuring the number of hits or responses can be strategically employed by emailing similar ads with specific ad copy variations, like changing the headline, and seeing which one had the best results. By changing one phrase or component in the same ad, you can focus on what works. In addition, by emailing the same ad to different demographics, you can target your audience, seeing which demographics pull in greater ad responses.

For over 25 years Dr. Arnold has been CEO of Windhorse Corp., where he assists the nation’s top speakers, coaches, authors, entertainers, business owners and sales executives. He is the author of “How the Top 1% of Speakers and Coaches Do Internet Marketing”.

His mission is single focused: to help his clients learn the insider secrets how the Top 1% of Speakers earn massive amounts of money with their speaking career in the most direct and easiest way possible.

The Many Responsibilities of a Marketing Team

Most companies rely on a loyal customer base to operate. They might have an excellent product or service, but that means little if they have no clients. For this reason, many businesses employ a marketing team to be the “face” of the company and represent it in a positive way to the public. This department often acts by linking the different elements of the business to the customer or the potential customer.

The first connection a marketing team creates is a link between the company leadership and the customer. It rates customer satisfaction with the product, pricing for that product and even the customer’s satisfaction with the competition. The team represents the values and goals of the leader to the customer giving them a reason to identify with the company.

Another link created by this department connects the client and the sales team. It designs promotional materials and causes the brand to be recognized. The marketing team generates leads and is heavily involved when a new product launches. It is directly associated with locating the vendors that distribute the product to the public.

The marketing department links the company to the media as well in the hopes of gaining new customer groups. It is responsible for making the contacts to gain advertising through various media such as newspapers, magazines, television and blogs. Advertising costs businesses a lot of money, so the team has to be wise about which promotions would be the best fit for the company budget.

External advertising is only part of the department’s promotional responsibilities. This specialized team of employees also links employees internally with newsletters and other informational materials. Effectiveness of the company as a whole is increased by the team’s networking abilities between individual employees. The finance operations of the business are also under the direction of the marketing department. It ensures that the budget balances with itself and with the goals it has helped to set and execute for the company.

This team even links the product itself to the customer by developing new products as a result of its extensive research into the market. Once it has promoted the brand to the public; it monitors the effectiveness of advertising by soliciting feedback through different media like social networking sites, its own website or blog.

Perhaps the most important connection made by the marketing department is the link between itself and the customer. Gaining customer satisfaction is only part of the equation. Customer loyalty is imperative to create a solid, growing business. Members of the team are the ones that directly relate to the customer over the phone and in person at different events. They build loyalty through various programs such as referral programs that give customers a vested interest in the success of the company.

In reality, a company is only as strong as its marketing department. Without this team of employees, the relationship element that makes business so effective would be lost. Its job description is extensive but so is its impact.

Commercial Property Agents – Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns the Right Way

Far too many commercial real estate agents rely on the internet too much as their primary source of property marketing and enquiry. They are just too lazy in marketing property. Remember that property owners come to us because we know what to do and how to tap into the right target market; we say we can sell or lease the property!

Sure, the internet is convenient but many other methods of marketing should also be used; the top agents do this. If you have an exclusive listing, then the marketing should be comprehensive and full. Yes, if you have a very ordinary property that is open listed with many agents, only then is the internet a sensible way of dealing with the marketing.

Priority has to be given to marketing exclusive listings and on that basis the tools we can use should be ‘vendor paid’. Today if the client is not prepared to put money into the campaign to market their property then why take it on; it just shows that the client is not committed.

To dominate the property market with your good listings it pays to have a marketing system that is a combination of the following:

Direct telephone calling people in your database
E-brochures sent by email to your qualified and selected database
Flyers sent to the local businesses in the area
Sign board on the property in a prominent location
Calling in to meet the local business owners in the high priority streets and properties
Contacting all the property investors in the local area on a 90 cycle to tell them of new stock coming in or expected
Internet listings on your website and also a number of sites that serve the industry with property listings for your area and property type
Direct mailing to property owners and business owners (these letters have to be followed up with a telephone call)
Sending success letters and brochures to your local area when you do a deal
Putting DL cards of listings out to your market through the business letter box system
Tracking lease expiries of local businesses that may see them moving to other premises or needing other property to purchase
If there are other agents properties for sale or lease in the area, direct market your listings to the properties around the other agents signboards
All of this is very effective if you track your results and the enquiries coming in. You will soon know what method of marketing is producing the best results at the different times of the year. When you know what works, you simply do more of it. Track and measure is a simple rule, yet so essential to the success of your property campaigns.